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The worlds wildest kitchen

In February 2013 the Danish food and wine magazine, Gastro, brought a report from Ilulissat entitled "The World’s Wildest Kitchen". Here, an enthusiastic critic wrote about Hotel Arctic's Restaurant Ulo, where the guests have views of the colossal icebergs drifting from the inland ice out into Disko Bay:

A view of the world’s biggest sculpture park
"The restaurant is tastefully decorated in Nordic style and it has one of the most spectacular views in the world.

This evening, the gourmet menu offers a selection of flavour experiences based on the very special ingredients that belong to the fells and fjord: consommé of local prawns with Greenlandic thyme, Greenland halibut tartar, compressed cucumber and apple with cauliflower purée, poached musk-ox in its own soufflé with smoked Spanish paprika, swede, musk-ox glace served with pearl barley folded with salted musk-ox heart, sorrel and parsley, red-wine poached pear with dehydrated marshmallow, Labrador tea, mazarine tart, lemon crème brûlée, artificial sand, honey and vanilla ice cream.”

In the article in Gastro, former restaurant chef Jeppe Ejvind Nielsen expresses how much he enjoys working with Greenlandic ingredients: "They have a pure flavour. Nothing is cultivated. Everything is wild and it comes straight from nature. Everything is therefore always 100 per cent organic".

Innovation and development
After examples of the kitchen’s bold use of local ingredients, Gastro brings this conclusion:

"This gourmet restaurant, which is located 250 kilometres north of the Arctic Circle, keeps the gastronomic banner flying high, although there are not many competing gourmet restaurants at these latitudes. Innovation and development are apparently part of Jeppe Ejvind Nielsen’s nature and professionalism", wrote the critic and gave the chef the last word:

"I think it is important that our kitchen is in a constant state of development and that we experiment, so we don’t come to a standstill. We cook a lot of classic dishes, but we are constantly developing our techniques and testing new ingredients. For example, at the moment we are experimenting with Greenlandic herbs in our desserts".

Read former chef Jeppe Ejvind Nielsen’s thoughts on philosophy, ambitions and practices:
The taste of fjord and fells at Hotel Arctic


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