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We take responsibility and we hold ourselves accountable

At Hotel Arctic, we are committed and wish to produce results that benefit society as well as the surrounding nature. It is only with dedicated employees, a dynamic town, and a healthy environment that we can offer our guests an experience like no other.

CSR Greenland

Hotel Arctic is a member of CSR Greenland, which strives for socially, economically and environmentally sustainable development in Greenland by focusing on the companies’ social responsibility and through innovative partnerships between the public and private organisations and civil society.

Green environment

Year after year, we have reduced Hotel Arctic’s environmental impact by adopting new technology and educating our employees. In 2013, the hotel became fully carbon neutral, and in 2014, we installed solar panels that produce approximately 20% of our electricity.

Rooted in the local community

Hotel Arctic is an important workplace in Ilulissat. We employ 60 people all year, and approximately 70 people during the high season. We always have multiple young people training to be chefs, waiters, receptionists, reception and tourism assistants, and office assistants.

Greenlandic ingredients

In the Hotel Arctic kitchen, our chefs are constantly developing new dishes based on Greenlandic ingredients. They can take musk ox, reindeer, halibut, snow hare, grouse, catfish, shrimp, sea urchin, rose fish, etc. as well as herbs, lichen and seaweed, and transform them into the most beautiful delicacies. A few years ago, we were presented with the Nordic Council of Ministers’ prestigious award for New Nordic Food.

Training positions for young people

At Hotel Arctic, we train young people who want to work as chefs, waiters, receptionists, office assistants, or reception and tourism assistants. Moreover, we offer three-month apprenticeships to young people who are studying service management. We often have between eight and twelve students at the hotel.

To be admitted to this training, you must first apply to Inuili, the food college in Narsaq. Once you have been approved by Inuili, you can apply to complete the practical part of your education at Hotel Arctic.