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We work based on the philosophy that we must do all that we can every year to make things a little better than they were the year before. This means that new dishes are constantly being developed and we are always looking for new ways to use our ingredients.

Food with an identity

At the Hotel Arctic, we use Greenlandic products to the greatest extent possible. Anything that we cannot get locally is sourced from other Nordic countries.

Meals are a key part of Greenlandic hospitality and associated with a strong feeling of community. Our raw ingredients come from all over Greenland, from the depths of the Icefjord between the enormous icebergs to the tops of the steep, snow-covered mountains.

Due to the cold climate, food is slow to grow and ripen. However, this also results in pure and fresh ingredients of an unmatched quality. We know the best way to handle the local produce, and we use old preparation methods, such as dry aging, smoking, salting, and cooking the food on a grill with heather from the rocky mountainside. The result is a wholly authentic experience and extraordinarily rich flavours.

Brasserie Ulo

Brasserie Ulo

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Restaurant Ulo

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The Greenlandic Buffet

Over the summer we serve our large Greenland buffet in Brasserie Ulo. The menu is composed of all the best from land and sea, and our chefs dish up seafood delicacies, fish dishes, fresh salads, grilled barbeque meat, freshly baked bread and desserts.

Price: DKK 435

Date: 17/6-2024-19/8-2024